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About the Foundation

As stated in the Foundation Bylaws: The Bengal Lancer Alumni Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated by alumni of the Bengal Lancer fraternity at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas for the purpose of providing scholarships to active members  of the Bengal Lancer fraternity enrolled at Trinity University and to support the endeavors of Trinity University. In keeping with the purpose and ideals of the Bengal Lancer fraternity, the Foundation shall foster fellowship and brotherhood among ourselves and all Trinity students, by upholding the name of our school, our club, and Almighty God, by being of service to our university, and by stimulating and creating school spirit while at the same time strengthening and tempering the bonds of our fellowship.

The goals of the Foundation are the following:


  • Networking and fellowship among the Lancers that have graduated from Trinity University:   We all know that Lancers have a special bond no matter the graduating year and it is important that we make it easier to strengthen and temper the bonds of that fellowship.   

  • Better awareness of Lancers and their families in need:  We often hear about Lancer alumni and their families that have had a life event where they need assistance or help of some kind.  The Foundation is a means through which the Lancer Alumni can channel our resources to provide help where needed.

  • Scholarships for Active Lancers:  Higher education has become extremely expensive in recent years.  A key mission of the Foundation is to assist Active Lancers enrolled at Trinity University based on criteria set by the Foundation. 

  • Potential Donations to Trinity University on behalf of Lancer Alumni:   The Lancers have always been a force on campus, but that force is not always felt by the University as our giving (or lack thereof) is sometimes distributed among many smaller donations.  We have seen other alumni organizations have a greater voice and influence by being an active contributor to the University, and specifically to programs that benefit the Actives and Alumni of the Bengal Lancers.

  • Funding for better communication, alumni gatherings, and outreach:  Let’s face it , we need to do a better job pulling together regular Lancer gatherings, alumni weekend events, etc.  The Lancer Alumni Foundation will be the focal point for this and should lead to a much more consistent and meaningful Alumni experience.  


The mission of the Bengal Lancer Alumni Foundation will evolve as the members see fit.  We want you as an alumni B/L to join and get engaged and help influence how we make the best use of it.   

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