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  • Who is managing the BLAF?
    There are 12 members of the BLAF board of directors. The tenure of the board changes each year with at least 3 positions up for election each year. An effort has been made to have the initial membership of the Board be comprised of Lancer Alumni that span many generations in order to gain as broad a perspective as possible. Any Bengal Lancer Alumni Foundation member in good standing is eligible to run for a position on the Board or as a member of the executive committee. The current members of the BLAF Board of Directors is as follows: Officers: John Grace (PC Spring '83) President Frank Shiels (PC Fall '77) Vice President Trey Moeller (PC Spring '90) Treasurer Brad Little (PC Spring '90) Secretary Members of the Board of Directors: Perry Deckard (PC Spring '82) Gaines W. Bagby (PC Spring '77) W. Trevor Holt (PC Spring '11) Doug Marvin (PC Fall '82) Lee Patterson (PC Spring '04) Mike Sandlin (PC Fall '74) Raul Quintero (PC Spring '85) Jesse Villarreal (PC Spring '69)
  • How do I join?
    There are 6 categories of membership in the Bengal Lancer Alumni Foundation: Regular Member Alumni of Trinity University who are members of the Bengal Lancer fraternity who have not made an annual donation to the Foundation. Regular Members may attend Foundation meetings, but may not vote. ​Contributing Member Alumni of Trinity University who are members of the Bengal Lancer fraternity who have made a donation to the Foundation. Contributing Members may attend Foundation meetings but may only vote during the year coinciding with a donation. Sustaining Member Alumni of Trinity University who are members of the Bengal Lancer Fraternity who have made two or more consecutive annual donations to the Foundation. Sustaining Members may attend Foundation meetings and may vote in any year coinciding with a donation. Life Member Alumni of Trinity University who are members of the Bengal Lancer fraternity who have made one or more donations to the Foundation of at least $1,500.00. Life Members may attend all Foundation meetings and vote, for life. ​​Active Member Active members of the Bengal Lancer fraternity who have made a donation to the Foundation. Active Members may attend Foundation meetings during the year coinciding with a donation, but may not vote. Associate Member (Non-Lancer) Any person who has never been a member of the Bengal Lancers fraternity who makes a donation of at least $100.00 to the Foundation. Associate Members may not attend Foundation meetings without an invitation from a Member of the Board of Directors and may not vote. Once you have decided your level of participation, joining the BLAF is easy. Just click on the “Join” tab at the top and follow the instructions. If you would prefer to join the BLAF via mail, please send your check to the following address: Bengal Lancer Alumni Foundation 8609 CR 6920 Lubbock, Texas 79407 (806) 789-4466
  • How can I better connect with the Bengal Lancer Alumni Foundation?
    The BLAF has a number of ways to connect via social media including landing pages on facebook, twitter, and also LinkedIN. To connect with the BLAF just click these links: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIN: Or just email one of the BLAF officers: John Grace: Frank Shiels: Trey Moeller: Brad Little:
  • What can I do to help?
    We need you to join the Bengal Lancer Alumni Foundation! Your support is very important and we are shooting for 100% of our Alumni to be a part of this. We also need your help to spread the word to lost or missing alumni that we don’t have email or physical addresses for. Track down your pledge brothers and make them aware. It’s a great excuse to catch up and temper the bonds of our fellowship. We are also looking for volunteers to help organize and be a part of the Lancer Foundation local chapters. We currently have chapters in Dallas, Houston, Austin, the Panhandle, Mid-Atlantic, and TN/KY areas. If you would like to connect with the chapters in these regions please send a mail to
  • What can I expect going forward from the Foundation?
    You can expect to hear from the BLAF on a more regular basis through various channels including social media, email and regular mail. A key goal of the organization is to foster better connections between all of our alumni, and regional Lancer alumni meetings are envisioned, reunions etc. We would also like to play a larger role in the annual Alumni Weekend B/L – XBE party , and possibly organize more activities around that weekend. We of course will adjust and evolve as we gain critical mass in our membership. This will also allow the organization to be more active in our giving.
  • Has the Foundation made any donations with the money raised?
    Yes, the Foundation has agreed to donate $2,500 to the Trinity University Football program in honor of Spencer Street, a Bengal Lancer Alumni from PC Spring ’86, who passed away in 2016. The Trinity University football team has recently named an award in Spencer’s honor, and the BLAF Board felt that it was appropriate to contribute to a program that meant so much to Spencer, and many generations of Lancer collegiate athletes. In addition, the Directors have now voted in favor of creating two $2,500 needs-based scholarship to benefit a current active of the Bengal Lancer Fraternity at Trinity University. These initial two scholarships were awarded to Lancer Actives this Summer. As we are able to raise more substantial funds, you will see more philanthropic activity from the Foundation.
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