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Lancer Foundation Lifetime Giving Levels 

(Above $5,000 Lifetime Giving)

(Above $10,000 Lifetime Giving)

(Above $25,000 Lifetime Giving)

Bob Duff, Spring '65

Cody Hill, Spring '00

Brad Little, Spring '90

The Kenny Edwards Foundation

Lancer Foundation Life Members 
Life Members are Lancer Alumni that have donated at least $1,500 in a calendar year during the first five years of the Foundation's existence.  They represent the core upon which the Lancer Foundation was built.  In 2022 this designation was retired from use but all of these donors retain all of the rights and privileges of Lifetime membership.  We are very grateful for their support.  

Fall 1960

Rob Carlson

Richard (Tres) Kleberg 

Spring 1965

Bob Duff

Spring 1966

David Stein

Fall 1974

Mike Sandlin

Spring 1976

David Crowe

Gregg Goodall

Fall 1977

Frank Shiels

Spring 1977

Gaines Bagby

Spring 1980

David Shiels

Fall 1982

Doug Marvin

Spring 1982

Jed Crowe

Robert Rosales

Spring 1983

John Grace

Fall 1984

Karl Thomsen

Spring 1986

Bill Hoffman

Duke Johnston

Paul Pharris

Bob Vargo

Spring 1989

Jock Craig

Spring 1990

Ed Bird

Brad Little 

Trey Moeller

Tarpon Wiseman


Spring 1991

Josh Roane 

Fall 1992

Sam Kasparek

Josh Ley

Spring 1993

Cody Adams

Jim Vallerie

Spring 1994

Andrew Clavenna

Spring 1996

Jon Ruff

Spring 1999

Chris Easley

Spring 2000

Brian Easley

Cody Hill

Trey Moebes

Spring 2002

Spencer Chase

Spring 2004

Lee Patterson

Spring 2007

Josh Smith

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