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Classic Lancer Jerseys are Back!

As many Lancers know, around 1989 our long-time supplier of Lancer jerseys went out of business.  With it went the only source of the vintage style jersey that many of us know and love that has the red, white, and blue colors associated with it.  Practically every Lancer from 1989 onwards did not have the traditional style jersey.  The club did make due with jerseys that were every bit as “red” as the older style.  However, some Alumni have never stopped looking to bring back the old style.  Fast forward to 2018 and Matt Shatzkin (Sp. ‘89) has done the yeoman’s work of finding a vendor that can almost exactly custom create the beloved jersey style. We would also like to thank Tim Murphy ('89), Jock Craig ('89), Raul Quintero ('85), and Rob Parker ('86) for their help and assistance in pulling this together. 

Select Your Size and Order Yours Today

When selecting your size, please keep in mind that these run large—possibly an entire size! They do not hug the body or shrink like the original classic jerseys. Please review Matt Shatzkin's video.  Matt is normally a size large (he is 5’11”, 195#), but as you can see the jersey is a little loose.   Depending on your preference. you may want to order a smaller size. Please watch the video to see what we mean. 

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